IONE Transformation Coaching
      Getting to know yourself, then consciously creating the next moment.

    What I offer you

  • a different perspective on your current situation
  • stillness, calmness
  • space for you to be present 
  • partnership, support
  • empowerment
  • healing
  • experience in creating your vision, spiritual growth, goals and action plans, health and wellness issues, and business building
  • a safe place for you to expand
  • accountablility

Ione Transformation Coaching is a unique system, designed and developed to help you create the life you dream about.

Success in every area of your life, is a process of discovery, curiousity, letting go, trusting and being present to what is. 


                                                      "LOVE IS LETTING GO"  IONE












my story

 Hello! My name is Ione Wendy Sidwell. 

I am a Co-Active Coach, trained and certified with the Coaches Training Institute, the largest international coach training organization, with schools in over 20 countries, and 40,000 graduates worldwide.

In my 20 yrs of experience, I have coached parents and teenagers, to  strengthen relationships, build trust, create communication, and enjoy family life. I have coached a CEO executive, with endless requests of his time, from one of the fastest growth companies in the US.  I've coached young adults struggling with the demands of career, family, small children, relationships and lack of time for self.  And, currently the people I'm attracting for coaching are entrepreneurs, start ups, and those who feel stuck in a life they would like to be different.


I lost my mom to cancer when I was 17, and lost my dad to cancer 15 years later.  I have been through complete financial loss, successfully healed from a brain tumour and two brain surgeries in the last 11 years, and I also have a child with Crohn's disease. I now have 3 wonderfully, wise adult children.

I am an entrepreneur, and I've created and managed three successful businesses.


Along the way, I have discovered my life purpose, have a deep understanding of true forgiveness, been able to release limiting beliefs, and finally found peace, love and joy within myself.

My deepest passion is to share that learning with you!

YOU create your reality!  I love partnering with those wanting a to create!



Finding Your Path

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"BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF.  YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST AT BEING HUMAN."                                       IONE