What is your unique gift?  Unlock your truth, discover your passion and give the blessing of you to yourself and others.

Welcome to my coaching site!   I am a Professionally Trained Co-Active Coach.  Combining my life experience, training, passion, intuition, and spiritual guidance, I am able to help others receive the quiet knowing of who they are and why they are here. 

I work with those who are needing some well deserved self care, and are then ready to move forward in life towards their true purpose and passion.  Together we will explore limitless possibilities, challenge some old patterns, give yourself back to you, and discover your gift to the world. 

                                             "The world is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?"

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                    IONE Transformation Coaching
      Getting to know yourself, then consciously creating the next moment.

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are you mindfully creating the next moment in your life?                 

1. I have a clear, written vision for my life                                          

2. I have written goals and daily action plans                                   

3. I have a daily practice for creating the life I envision                        

4. I know what I am passionate about and therefore know my purpose 

5. I am focused                                                                                 

6. I am free of negative self-talk                                                         

7. I am healthy, energetic and vibrant                                                 

8. I am excited to get up every morning and start my day                    

9. I have loving relationships with family, friends and co-workers          

10.I am peaceful and happy much of the time